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Making a Stacker Band: Materials/Tools List


Geared toward the total newbie, follow along as I show you how easy it is to create your own textured stacker band at

Materials Needed:

14g Sterling Silver Round Wire (dead soft)
20g Wire Solder, 75% silver, hard

Tools Used:

Ring Sizer
Digital Caliper
Metric Ruler
Ring Mandrel - steel - tapered
Flush cutters
Jewelry Flat and Half Round Nose Pliers
Steel Bench Block (rubber base optional)
Rawhide Mallot or High Density Nylon Teardrop Mallot
Half Round Ring File
Dual Head Dome Chasing Hammer
1000 Grit Wet/Dry Sandpaper
3M Polishing Paper Assortment (400-8000 grit)
Hard Charcoal block (compressed)
Heat proof surface (insulated counter mat or baking sheet)
Butane torch (don't forget the butane!)
Cross-locking tweezers
Solder Pick (titanium)
Handy flux
Green Scotchbrite pad
Bowl with water (for quenching and rinsing)
PH Down or Sparex for pickle
Crock Pot for pickle

Resources: (determine inside diameter of ring)

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